Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Be Aware of Your Personal Brand

If I mention Lindsay Lohan, what is the first thing you think of? What about Brittany Spears? OK, enough pop culture....what about Kenneth Lay and Bernie Madoff? No matter your opinion on the ethical impasse of these individuals, the reality is that it has come to define them. A reputation is established, a brand is made, and it ain't pretty.

The same rules apply in the work place when building your own personal brand. Be aware of ears and eyes on what you say and do if you want a reputable name for yourself. Wild stories are told over and over again - it is hard to erase inappropriate behavior and the memories that linger. Make sure your LinkedIn profile photo is professional, people WILL look you up. If you are connected to co-workers and professional cohorts on Facebook and Twitter, be aware of not only your photo but of your posts. Your words are very public these days and can be viewed by most, so have something positive to say and keep your moral compass pointing North :o)

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