Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Resume Writing - a few tips and resources

I testify to say that bad resumes happen to good people, so here are a few tips from a recruiter's point of view:
  • Email address: I thought we were past the crazy email addresses on resumes, but I still see - you get my point. A professional resume absolutely must have a professional email address...enough of that mess.
  • The one-page myth: If it's not on your resume, then how do I know you have the experience I am looking for? There are old-schoolers out there still preeching to keep it on one page, but I say, write away and give me some meat to review. Make it professional, remember to summarize well and remember that this is a representation of why the job should be yours. Stay away form a novel, it does not have to be a dissertation, but 2-3 pages is perfectly normal. If you have a PhD or a well published history, then a 5-8 page CV is also normal.
  • What does a cover letter actually cover? Seriously, if it was good enough to be on the cover letter then put it in the resume. Hiring Managers love cover letters (it can be a great writing sample), but the recruiter will go straight to the resume.
  • Resources > Here are a few websites to help get you put a polish on your resume:

Build a Perfect Resume
Use our Templates to Build a Job-Winning Resume. Free & Easy

Resume Objectives Samples
Find more sources/options for Resume Objectives Samples

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shelly
    I so agree with your one page myth! We at MBA school are always pressed hard to squeeze our resume to one page. However professionals in big firms reflected a different story. They said "Your resume should be as big/small as your work experience desires".
    I was slightly confused here as our career center preached an all together different concept! But reading your post gives a solid base to my dilemma. Now I know, I can defiantly proceed with my 2 page resume!
    Thanks for your insight. I am sure many like me will find this useful.